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Why Climate-Controlled Storage is a Summer MVP


Summer has officially arrived, and so has that July heat. The mercury may be rising, but if you opt for a climate-controlled storage unit at Security Self Storage, you won’t have to worry about how your temperature-sensitive items will hold up. Kept within a set temperature range, climate-controlled units provide an extra layer of protection for your most valuable things.

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

We recommend climate-controlled storage units during the summer months in locales with a high heat index score. When temperatures climb into the triple digits, climate-controlled storage helps protect your prized possessions. As a bonus, these units typically have great air quality because it continuously circulates and remains clean.

Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage

Wood & Leather Furniture

When exposed to extreme heat or moisture, wood furniture can crack, warp, or rot. Leather furniture also benefits from a stable temperature, as it can become discolored and is susceptible to moisture. Climate-controlled storage works great for bed frames, tables, chairs, dressers, entertainment centers, couches, and more.

Special Collections

Do you have an extensive stamp, coin, comic, vinyl record, or wine collection? These items mean a lot to you, and you’d like to preserve their integrity for years to come. Special collections like these benefit greatly from the consistent environment inside a climate-controlled storage unit.


Consider storing TVs, computers, recording equipment, and stereos in climate-controlled storage over the summer, as they are susceptible to damage during times of high heat and humidity. Screens and internal components don’t always fare well in the face of extreme temperatures.

Fine Art & Photographs

Don’t let your memories stick together or deteriorate in hot and humid conditions. Preserve your photographs and fine art by storing them in a climate-controlled storage unit during the summer.

Books & Documents

Paper can yellow and, consequently, become difficult to read when stored in hot and humid conditions. Businesses should store their documents and records in climate-controlled storage to prevent fading, discoloration, or deterioration due to extreme heat and moisture.

Beat the Summer Heat

Climate-controlled storage units help you beat the summer heat and preserve the integrity of your temperature-sensitive items. Whether you’re transitioning during a move or simply trying to keep the heat from damaging items you would otherwise store in the garage or side yard, climate-controlled storage.

See now why climated-controlled storage is your summer MVP? Ready to make your move? Find a Security Self Storage location with available climate-controlled storage units today.