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Tips for Staying Organized This School Year


The new school year is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get into an organized routine to start the year off right! Back-to-school season doesn’t need to be a stressful time. If you follow these tips for staying organized, you are sure to have easier mornings and less late nights!

Get Your Home Ready

Put away the summer toys and make room for school supplies. It might not sound fun, but having an organized home helps you have a clear mind to plan ahead. Nobody wants to waste time searching for assignments, backpacks, or even a certain outfit late the night before. Cleaning out the closets and setting up a homework station are some simple steps you can take on your way to achieving that organizational zen state. Put everything that you won’t use for now in your garage or, even better, your self storage unit. 

Stock Up on Supplies

No matter how many kids you have, you can save both time and money by buying in bulk. Pens, pencils, notebooks, and extra folders and binders are all smart items to have at home so you can skip those last-minute trips to get the right supplies for an assignment.

Create a Study Space

It’s a good idea to find and maintain an organized study space in your home. The area can be one place where siblings come together, or individual quiet spaces for everyone to concentrate and get those important assignments done. One solution is to have a homework caddy you can carry around to various spots in the house to sit with your kiddo and solve those math problems or work on that art assignment. 

Don’t Panic. Plan It.

Get ahead of your responsibilities. Put due dates and important dates in the calendar and make your child a part of the process so they can learn from it. Divide – in binders and folders – and conquer! Differentiate subjects or classes with colors, using alphabetical order, or whatever works for you and your kids. Teaching your kids how to plan ahead will take a weight off your shoulders while giving them an important lesson for the future.  

Set Up the Night Before

Help your kids pack their backpack, choose clothes, prepare lunches, and put things you need to remember for the next day in a visible place. Write post-it notes if you need it. Getting your things and your mind in order the night before will set you up for success.  

Organize your home for this new school year with the help of a self storage unit. Visit Security Self Storage to discover the perfect unit for you, your belongings, and your budget.