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Tips for Hosting Family for the Holidays


The holidays can be a time of joy and family togetherness – or they can be a stress-ridden tornado of tears and turkey. If you’re hosting family for the holidays this year, a little bit of planning goes a long way. Make a to-do list, then spread out your tasks over a couple weeks. With almost no work at all, you’ll be able to enjoy a lovely, low-key holiday season.

Clear Out Some Space

First things first: You have to make some room. Your guests will be arriving with suitcases, dishes, and, depending on where you live, heavy winter coats. Make sure your hall closet, guest bedrooms, and garage are ready to accommodate all that extra stuff. This is an ideal task to get out of the way a couple weeks before you guests arrive. If you find you need a place to store all those extra belongings, Security Self Storage offer short-term storage units that are perfect for the holidays.

Childproof Your Home

If your guests are bringing small children or babies to your holiday gathering, be proactive and take a look at your home from a parent’s point of view. Cover any exposed electrical outlets and rearrange furniture to hide sharp corners. If you have stairs, consider buying a baby gate for the top or bottom, or ask your guest to bring one with them. Being a little proactive can save lots of tears later on.


Now for the fun part: decorating! Get those ceramic turkeys, wreaths, and tinsel out of storage and up around your house. Set up an activity station where kids can make their own decorations. While you’re at it, put your summer decorations, golf clubs, and other outdoor gear into storage and free up some more space in the garage.

Stock Up On Snacks

If there’s one thing you can predict, it’s that your guests will be hungry. When you’re shopping for your holiday dinner, make sure you stock up on raw veggies, cheese and crackers, and other snacks that guests can dig into on their own. You’ll be grateful you have a stash of easy-to-assemble options when Thanksgiving dinner is still four hours away.

Plan Group Activities

When it’s day three of hosting and your guests are getting on each other’s nerves, you’ll be happy you planned a festive outing to get everyone out of the house. Check your local paper for holiday parades, bazaars, or other fun outdoor activities. Whether you choose to go with them or stay home and unwind, you’ll be grateful for a few hours where you can take off your “host hat.”

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

Above all, hosting family for the holidays should be a joyous occasion. Try not to stress too much if your napkins are mismatched or the turkey is a little dry. With a little planning, preparation, and strategic use of your storage unit, you and your guests will have a fabulous holiday season.

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