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The Secrets to a Stress-Free Home Renovation


Home renovations can be frightening – the time commitment, the cost, the interruption of your daily life. All of these factors are coupled with the likelihood that renovation will not go as planned. How could it? Renovation projects are filled with unknown variables, repairs that you won’t know you have to address, or materials you won’t know you have to replace until a wall is torn out.

You can’t plan for unforeseen circumstances, but you can prepare to be both organized and adaptable during your home renovation. The secret to a stress-free home renovation is flexibility.

It’s 80% Preparation

First things first: Why are you renovating? Are you trying to gain space, make necessary upgrades, or increase your property value? Take some time to dream big. Ask yourself what you would change if you could, and then ask yourself what renovations are nonnegotiable from a home maintenance perspective.

With your budget in hand, make a list of priorities. It is useful to prioritize the renovation projects broadly (maybe you need a new roof before your bathroom gets remodeled), as well as within a specific project. In a kitchen remodel, for example, it might be more important to increase cabinet space than to replace the flooring, or to troubleshoot plumbing issues before updating appliances. Hopefully, you can get to all the projects on your list. Establishing priorities will help you align your resources with the most pressing upgrades and allow you to create a roadmap for your renovation.

Not-So-Firm Deadlines & Not-So-Fast Phases

Your renovation roadmap will point you in the right direction, but it is important to remember that travel times vary. All renovations establish a timeline for completion, and it is important to have a working deadline to keep a project on track. At the same time, know that home renovations don’t always go smoothly, and a rigid deadline can be thrown off-course by unforeseen circumstances, a supply delay, or the packed schedule of a subcontractor who can’t fit your work in for another month.

In other words, plan for delays. Attack your home renovation in phases so that you aren’t stuck in inhospitable living conditions. While it might be tempting to get everything done at once, forgoing multitasking and focusing your energy phase by phase will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Don’t Cut Corners

Whether you’re taking on home renovations yourself or enlisting the help of a contractor, don’t be lured by shortcuts. Even if it takes longer, it pays to do the job right. If you’re driven to cut corners because of cost savings, consider carefully if less expensive products will actually cost you money down the line. Before the renovations begin, carefully assess the current condition of your home – this will help you gauge whether you need professional expertise and give you a starting point for initiating the permit process. Do your homework.

Rent a Storage Unit

In any home renovation, things inevitably get damaged. Whether it’s from flying dust, an errant glass leaving a watermark, or falling lumber or tools, your furniture is subjected to a lot. To ensure your belongings stay safe throughout the renovation, consider renting a storage unit. Security Self Storage offers short-term lease options, so you can keep your items away from the madness for as long or as short a time as you need.