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Summer to Fall Swap – How to Prep Your Unit


September is here. FaIl’s right around the corner and the temperatures are dipping. It’s time to buckle down and get ready for the cold weather months ahead. If you rent a storage unit, that means you have some work to do. Here are Security Self Storage’s top tips for a smooth transition from summer to fall.

Stash Those Summer Clothes

Bye bye (for now), Hawaiian shirts! Now’s the time to start stashing away those summer clothes. Or at least start planning to pack them away. Prop up some boxes in your closet and slowly stuff it with summer clothes as winter approaches. Oh, and be sure to label them clearly for easy access once the mercury starts spiking again in the spring.

The Great Gear Swap

Storing your summer toys is a great way to clear up space on the homefront. Plus, you’re going to want your winter toys out of storage and ready for action once the ski hills open. Start thinking about swapping out your summer for winter gear. There’s probably still some prime mountain biking and paddleboarding weather ahead, so transitioning to winter gear is something you’ll want to do slowly.

Break Out the Seasonal Decor

Pull those spooky skeletons and giant inflatable Santas out of storage now and save yourself some time. You’ll thank yourself later, especially when the holiday season hits its stride.

Clear the Patio …

You don’t want to leave your treasured patio furniture out in the cold as the temperatures start falling. Don’t risk warping, cracking, or splitting your wood furniture due to the cold. Store it all! Here are some tips to help keep your furniture in top shape until spring.

… and the Garage

Think about lightening your garage’s load by storing your lawn mower, weed eater, and garden tools in storage. Tucking anything you won’t need during the cold months away will help you stay organized and find the shovel when the snow starts to pile up.

Specialized Storage

Security Self Storage locations boast features like climate-controlled units and spaces for your car, boat, or RV. Climate-controlled storage is a smart option for sensitive things like your wood furniture, sports gear, and lawn mower. And imagine all the space you’ll clear by storing your RV or boat during the offseason.


As you formulate your storage strategy, think ahead. For instance, you’re going to want those summer clothes and all that summer gear near the front of your unit for easy retrieval come spring. Same with the grill and patio table. Consider your future self and what you’ll need when as you organize your unit. You might even think about creating a little map of what’s where that you keep at your unit. Sure, it’s a little extra, but that future version of you will appreciate it.

Looking for more storage hacks? Check out the Security Self Storage blog for more tips on making the most of your unit.