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Spring Cleaning Tips to Get You Ready for Summer


It’s exciting when springtime rolls around – the weather gets warmer and flowers begin to bloom. But spring’s arrival also means it’s time for a deep cleaning. We know cleaning might not sound like the most fun way to start off the season, but at Security Self Storage, we have some convenient and easy tips to get you – and your home – ready for summer. 

Make a To-Do List

Making a list of everything you have in mind to clean your home will allow you to tackle projects in an organized way. A to-do list will help you simplify tasks, stick to a schedule, and help you see what you are missing, like cleaning supplies or tools, so you can conquer your list. Before you organize your cleaning tasks on paper, they might seem long and almost impossible. But there’s no better feeling than accomplishing and crossing items off your list.


Cleaning & Fixing

You have your goals and your list. Now it’s time to put it into action! Start indoors by clearing your living areas of clutter and unnecessary items. Wipe down surfaces, clean the shower heads and faucets, dust light fixtures, and wash your windows and mirrors. This will create a more breathable space and make your rooms feel brighter and spotless. In the process of picking up, save your most accessible storage spaces at home for the items you use daily. Pack up all the items you don’t need every day that you are not ready to throw out or donate, and put them away in your garage or attic. Need some extra space? A storage unit with Security Self Storage might be the solution you need!

Up Your Curb Appeal

One good way to welcome spring is to get outside. Take your tools out of your garage or storage unit and get your hands dirty! While spring cleaning is about tidying up and fixing little things in your home, it’s also a great time to increase your curb appeal. Sweeping the walkway, driveway, and sidewalk doesn’t take much time, and improves the look of your home a thousand times. It’s also good to check for any winter damage to your chimney, skylights, pipes or walls.

Now it’s time for your front yard. Clear out weeds and remove dead leaves and flowers. A metal rake and hand shovel can come in handy for this chore. When you’re done clearing away the debris, your garden will be a blank canvas for you to color how you choose. Select the flowers you want, replant some grass, add some outdoor furniture or decorations, and voilà – with a little sunshine and some time, your yard will make your home shine.


Keep Everything Organized

Cleaning up by shoving everything in a corner or dumping it in a closet won’t help you when you need your items again. How you put your belongings away and clean now will have a direct impact on how easy it will be to tidy up and get ready for the next season. The benefits of having a self storage unit come in handy if you want to keep your home clean, create more space, and keep your items organized and in good condition. 

Have questions about self storage? Visit one of our facilities or contact our team and let Security Self Storage help you find the right solution to your storage needs.