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Learn How to Clean Your Solar Panels


How to Clean Your Solar Panels 

As an owner of rooftop solar panels, you might be interested in learning how to keep your solar panels clean. Typically, solar panels become dirty due to the fact that they are outside  and constantly exposed to environmental factors and debris like wind-blown dust and bird droppings. As the panels get dirtier, their output declines, meaning you aren’t getting the most from your solar panels. You can help make sure that your solar panels are performing to the best of their ability by keeping them clean. At Security Storage, we know a thing or two about maintaining a high level of cleanliness and have a few tips to help keep your solar panels performing well. 

Inspect Your Panels

Before getting out your cleaning supplies, it’s important to check your panels for any damage or wear. Make sure there are no cracks, and ensure that all the fittings and connections are secure before starting to clean. It’s also a good idea to contact your solar panel provider to see if they have any cleaning instructions specific to your panels.

Check Your Supplies & Wash!

If you need to access your rooftop to clean your solar panels, make sure that you have the right safety equipment for solid stability on your rooftop. Plan to clean your panels early in the morning to avoid spraying cold water on hot glass, which can create thermal shock in the glass. When it comes down to cleaning supplies, water with a non-abrasive sponge is often enough to wipe off any residue. If your panels are heavily soiled, use a diluted mild dish soap to help remove the debris. Wash your panels the same way you would your car or glass windows – with a light touch and thorough examination. Lastly, a squeegee is the best way to finish up your wash and ensure there are no water spots on your panels. 

Monitor Your Output

Once your panels are nice and clean, start to monitor your output. This is an easy way to keep track of the next time your panels might need quick wash. When the output levels start to dip, get the washing supplies out . Make sure to keep record of your output levels, and try to record these levels at the same time, with similar weather conditions. Although the amount of times you will need to clean your panels in a year is entirely dependent on your local environmental factors, a general rule of thumb is to clean and inspect your panels every six months. 

That’s it! You’ve successfully cleaned your solar panels to help keep them performing at their best. If you are in the process of transitioning to solar panels and need space to store personal items, our helpful team at Security Self Storage would love to help recommend the best storage units for your needs. Call us today to learn more.