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How to Turn Your Garage Into a Spooky Haunted House


With Halloween approaching quickly, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can decorate! Security Self Storage has ideas on how to make your house the spookiest one on the block this year, by turning your garage into a haunted house. So get ready to tidy up, decorate, and celebrate with a scream-worthy haunted house of your own.

Get Organized

Before you start considering what decorations you’ll need to make your garage look extra haunted, you’ll need to clear the area. Divide and conquer the space by organizing items by use and by season. For example, box summer outdoor toys and winter decorations separately and label the bins. Consider renting a Security Self Storage unit to put away seasonal items, so that your garage is ready for the haunted house and remains uncluttered all year.

Choose a Theme

There are plenty of different directions you can go with a haunted house. First, consider who will be stopping by. Will a lot of young children be coming to trick or treat? If so, even characters like big fuzzy spiders will be plenty spooky. Or are you hoping to gear up the garage to scare teens and adults? In that case, you might need to get a little more creative with your decorations. Pick a theme based on your guests, and stick with one look and feel to offer ultimate frights.

Kid-Friendly Spookiness

If you’re making a haunted house for kids, gross or weird props that are actually harmless are a great choice for giving your guests the creeps, followed by giggles. Prepare foods that are great for squishing like spaghetti, gelatin, and grapes in bowls and place them inside boxes with holes just big enough for hands to reach inside. Then, let the kids guess whether they’re touching brains, eyeballs, or hearts! Save money by making decorations that provide just the right level of scary for little ones. Craft spiders from black pipe cleaners, use some extra clothes for a homemade scarecrow and take a permanent marker to old white sheets or gauze to make faces on ghosts that you can hang from the ceiling.

Grown-Up Frights

For a haunted house worthy of scaring adults, start with covering the windows in your garage with black trash bags to make sure the place is pitch-dark. Then add in your own light exactly where you want it, by using battery-operated candles or dim glow sticks. You can also hang trash bags, dark tarps, sheets, or whatever you have on hand to create a path through the garage. Have friends volunteer to dress up and hide throughout the haunted maze, ready with a flashlight and a creepy costume to jump out and scare your visitors.

Feeling ready to tackle your homemade haunted house? Remember to start by clearing the space with help from a Security Self Storage unit. For more home and organization tips, visit our blog.