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China dishware sitting on shelves.

How to Store Your Nostalgic Items


Treasured family photos. Fine china passed down through the generations. Porcelain decorations that double as family heirlooms. Your nostalgic items mean a lot to you. If any of your heirlooms are ticketed for storage, take extra care to keep them in top shape with these tips from Security Self Storage.

Put Time Into the Prep Work

Cleaning supplies. Bubble wrap. Acid-free paper. Foam peanuts. These supplies will be your best friends as you prepare your most fragile items for storage. If you’re storing items like china or porcelain decorations, be sure to give them all a good cleaning before stashing them away in a box. Once they’re gleaming, it’s time to wrap them up to shield them from damage. Opt for acid-free paper or bubble wrap. Avoid newspapers, as the ink-soaked pages can do more harm than good. Check out this Kitchen article for more tips on safely storing china and other fragile items.

Invest in Good Boxes

This is an important one. A solid set of plastic bins is your best bet as you seek out a safe haven for your nostalgic items. These containers are durable, repel water, and help stave off insect invaders. They also don’t break down as quickly as cardboard boxes, which are more susceptible to the elements. Here are some of the top options out there, according to The Spruce.

Photo Hacks

Storing family photos can be tricky. Missteps can cause premature fading and deterioration. Consider investing in high-quality containers specifically designed for photos. You’ll want to go the extra mile to keep them in prime condition for generations to come. Another tip: Consider climate-controlled storage. We’ll go into more detail on this specialized storage option below, but the consistent temperature and humidity levels these units offer help photos thrive. Looking for a deeper dive on photo storage? Check out this amazingly thorough National Archives’ guide to preserving old images.

Opt for Climate Control

One of the best things you can do for your most precious items is to store them in a climate-controlled unit. These units regulate temperature and humidity levels to protect your heirlooms from extreme changes in temperature. Find a Security Self Storage location with climate-controlled units near you and start storing today.

Looking for more storage and organization tips? Check out the Security Self Storage blog. To find out more about our abundant storage options, visit the Security Self Storage website.