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How to Make the Most of Your Storage Unit


Sometimes life calls for more space. Whether you are packing up and moving to a new home or the garage is begging for some extra organization, self storage is the perfect solution for every situation. Learn the tips and tricks for choosing the correct sized unit and how to maximize and organize the space to it’s highest potential.

Choosing the Right Sized Self Storage Unit

How do you find the self storage unit that fits just right? It’s not as intimidating as you may think! First, take stock of everything you are looking to store and take into account items you may want to add later. Estimate the number and sizes of boxes and any irregular-shaped items that may be coming along as well. Will you need extra space to walk around and get specific belongings or will you be organizing from back to front? All of these details will factor into finding the right space for you. However, we’ve made it super simple for Security Self Storage customers with our storage Size Guide. Explore our recommended sizing options which include helpful graphics and equivalent size comparisons.


Maximizing the Space You Have

Maximizing your self-storage space allows you to make the most of your dollars and create an efficient, streamlined experience from the get-go. Our biggest tip for maximization is to make a storage map. Once you have decided on a self-storage unit, measure all of your items and make a list. Then put pen to paper sketching out your storage map. Label each box and all your loose belongings with corresponding numbers or colors. Make life even easier by hanging a copy of the map inside of your unit.


The Art of Self Storage Organization

There are a few small things you can do to keep order inside of your self storage unit. Start by sorting out all of the boxes you might need to have frequent access to, make sure they are placed near the front of your unit. As you start filling up your space, place all of the heaviest items at the bottom to avoid uneven stacks. Last, be sure to create small walkways within the unit to create easy navigation for future visits.


For more suggestions for self storage and organization, take a look at the Security Self Storage blog or ask out experienced leasing staff for extra help.