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How to Make the Minimalism Trend Practical in Your Home


Scientists say messy people are the smartest. But all those extra brain cells will only get you so far when you can no longer find your car keys. Fortunately, the hip new minimalist home decorating trend not only looks sleek and cool. It can also help you tame all your unruly clutter. Check out these five intelligent tips to making minimalism work for you.

Check Clutter at the Door

Start by stopping clutter from even making its way into your home. The best way to do this is by designating an area near the door for sorting and storing items like mail, keys, and even shoes, such as a small end table or some shelving. When mail arrives, stack it here until you’re ready to review, and then do all the sorting in one spot. Your decluttering station should have an inbox and recycling can, so junk mail you don’t want or need can go straight into the recycling instead of onto your kitchen counter. Clip coupons here, too, and it will be easier to remember them on your way out. You’ll also want to designate a couple of small receptacles for keys, loose change, and other potential invaders. Shoes can go underneath, in a basket, or lined up orderly on a small rug off to the side.

One In, One Out

The ultimate trick to limiting the amount of clutter that infiltrates your quiet space may be the one in/one out rule. You can probably guess from the name what this plan entails, but we’ll still elaborate: Whenever you bring something new into your home, get rid of something you already own. This would be hard to do with pocket change or groceries and makes the most sense with larger items like shoes, home electronics, or clothing. The eliminated item should be roughly the same size, if not bigger, than its replacement.

Start Small

Now that you’ve plugged the inflow of clutter, it’s time to begin putting stuff away. Start with the little things – all those odds and ends lying about. If these are things you will want or need in the future, such as extra phone chargers, Post-it pads, or sunglasses, you’ll need to find a cleaner storage solution. Start by categorizing your clutter into piles. Then get some small, stackable lidded bins, like these foldable storage boxes from Amazon in neutral gray. Each box has a place to label its contents and multiples will look elegant stacked on a side table or tucked into a bookshelf.

Don’t Discount the Junk Drawer

No matter how organized you make your home, there are odds and ends that will always make it past your defenses. Items like twist-ties, rubber bands, and pens and pencils are easiest to put away when that means dumping them into a drawer. Junk drawers are a great way to keep other stuff handy that you occasionally might need, like a screwdriver, picture-hanging hardware, and other home maintenance items. Just keep it closed when guests are around so that they’re impressed by your minimalist ways.

Extend the Cleanliness to Your Closets

While you’re on your journey to cleaner living, continue the effort by organizing your closets. Use bins or boxes to organize cleaning supplies, linens, and lightbulbs. This will help you make room for larger items that tend to take up residence in your living room. Items such as throw blankets, extra pillows, books, and magazines can be stored away when not in use, giving your home a cleaner feel.

Highlight the Right Pieces

Once you’ve cleared away all the smaller bits and pieces, you will be left with a lot of open space and furniture. With everything else gone, the remaining furniture will suddenly take center stage. Pieces that didn’t necessarily match before will stand out even more now. This might be the time to consider putting extra furniture into storage. A self storage unit, like the ones offered by Security Self Storage, may be the perfect solution. These storage units are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for the items you want to store. A storage unit is also a great way to spread your minimalist efforts to other parts of your house, such as the garage, the attic, and wherever else clutter congregates.

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