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How to De-winterize Your Storage Unit


With winter almost gone, it’s time to get your storage unit summer-ready! Yes, it’s sad to put away all of your winter sports equipment but it’s also exciting to get out those golf clubs, the boat, and bikes. Here are four easy steps to make de-winterizing your storage unit simple, fun, and efficient.

1. Take Your Summer Toys Out!

The sun’s out and all your summer equipment should be too. Whether it’s your golf clubs, your patio furniture, or your kayak that’s been sitting in your storage unit through winter, it’s time to take your toys out. With warmer temperatures and sunny blue skies on their way, there’s no excuse not to get out and make the most of the warmer weather. No matter what your passion is, get out and enjoy it big time.

2.   Clean Your Storage Unit

It’s that time of year again - time for some spring cleaning! Your valuables and belongings have spent at least a few months in your storage unit, so it’s a good idea to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with a good old-fashioned spring clean. Don’t get too overwhelmed while staring at the piles of boxes, just start at the beginning, and methodically work your way through your unit. 

You might even find some sentimental items that could bring back all kinds of memories. So be ready to laugh and smile, but most of all, be ready to clean.

Pro Tip: Take a Basic Inventory Before You Clean Out Your Storage Unit

3. Store Your Seasonal Clothes & Equipment

Many of our clients find that packing their seasonal items away and putting placing them in one of our storage units helps to keep their homes more organized. One of the first steps to a seasonal-swap is to pack up all of those cold weather items you won’t use over the summer. You won’t need your heavy winter coats, winter boots, and cold weather sweaters during summer, so pack them away in your storage unit, ready for the next season.

Besides clothing, sports equipment is another bulky item perfect to place in your storage unit during the off-season. We know it’s tough to say goodbye to your skis and boards, but they’ll be waiting for you next season. It’s always a good idea to consider donating any items that you won’t use anymore. Not only are you helping other people, you’re also freeing up some space in your home.

Pro Tip: Label your boxes before placing them in storage. 

4.   Use Winter Storage to Make Organization Easier

Store smart. Have a plan. Be wise with what items you choose to store but also, where you will place these items inside your storage unit. Place boxes that have items you might use in fall closest to the entrance of your storage unit for easy access.  Place heavy equipment or larger items that you won’t need until the first snowfall towards the back of your storage unit. And if you’re planning to chase early snow in the mountains, remember you can always access your storage unit and get the winter gear you need.

With Security Self Storage’s easy tips for de-winterizing your storage unit, you’ll be ready to say goodbye to winter and welcome sunny and beautiful summer. For more tips on how to efficiently pack up your seasonal belongings check out our post full of packing tips.