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A group of three people standing on rocks at the edge of a lake with peaks with snow on them in the background

Hit the Trail at Any of These 7 Front Range Hiking Spots


From soaring peaks to epic views, Colorado’s Front Range is packed with a parade of hiking trails and outdoor adventures. In fact, mountain trails run the gamut. Along the Front Range, you can experience everything from high-country meadows and emerald-colored lakes to challenging scrambles that lead to epic alpine views. To make it easy, Security Self Storage has teed up our seven favorite Front Range trails for you to check out this summer.

Explore – Diamond Lake Hike

For a day in the outdoors near Denver, the Diamond Lake Trail is a short hike close by. Here, you’ll experience the spectacular high country with one fantastic Colorado view after another.

Climb – Mount Bierstadt

This zero-technical mountain trail gets you on top of one of Colorado’s 14ers – Mount Bierstadt. Open tundra and amazing vistas are the reward for your hard work.

Enjoy – Castle Trail Hike

Close in to Denver’s urban landscape, the Castle Trail is perfect for an afternoon escape. Short but impressive, this trail offers a perspective of Denver you never thought was possible.

Take It All in – Chasm Lake Trail

A Rocky Mountain National Park classic, the Chasm Lake Trail delivers on the promise of a reward at the end of the trail. You’ll stay motivated to reach the finish because one step after another leads to an unbelievable perspective of Longs Peak.

Experience – Bear Lake Loop Hike

The only loop trail in our lineup, the Bear Lake Loop is one of those must-hike hikes. Do the entire loop and you’ll get to experience a trifecta of lakes – Emerald, Haiyaha, and the Loch.

Not to Be Missed – Saint Mary’s Glacier Hike

This time-honored hike is quick but offers the kind of experience you might not think possible outside of the great state of Alaska. Bonus points: Haul your skis or snowboard and make turns – it’ll be a summer corn harvest you’ll brag about for seasons.

Impressive – Old Dillon Reservoir

Beautiful? Check. Easy? Check. Close? Double-check! If you are short on time, this is a great morning or afternoon hike. Impressively, the reservoir serves as Denver’s water supply.

Colorado’s Front Range offers a number of amazing opportunities to get out, explore, and test your hiking skills. But remember – the mountains are real. Make sure you are prepared for your hike, look at the weather, and have packed extra food and water. Staying safe means having more fun. For more outdoor lifestyle tips, visit the Security Self Storage blog.