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Smiling woman in a yard trimming plants.

Best Plants to Feature in Your Texas Landscape


Does your yard need a refresh? Go green with an attractive landscape that flourishes in the Texas climate. With primarily a Zone 8 hardiness, Texas’ subtropical and desert climate isn’t a fit for most plants. Grab your shovel and gloves! Check out Security Self Storage’s handy guide to Texas-friendly plants that are drought tolerant and pretty to look at.


The Texas summer sun can take a toll on your garden, outdoor furniture, and home. Planting a tree on the south or west side of your property helps keep the hottest sun of the day off your house. Trees are a great option to provide shade for sun-struck windows, helping keep the inside of your home cooler and reducing energy costs.

Plant a Texas native chinkapin oak tree on your lot. This drought- and heat-tolerant tree is the perfect addition to butterfly and hummingbird gardens. A deciduous holly is another tree that welcomes wildlife and provides a healthy dose of shade. This quick-growing holly plant invites birds and blooms orange-red berries throughout the year.


If you’re looking to add some variety to your yard, check out these handsome and hardy Texas-friendly shrubs. Lowery's Legacy Cenizo, also known as Texas sage, is a gorgeous, blooming shrub that flourishes in full sun. These silver-purple flowers bloom through summer and into the fall, spreading color throughout your landscape.

Cacti are some of the best plants to incorporate into your Texas landscape with their resilience to dry, desert-like conditions. More species of cacti are found in Texas than any other state, which means adding variety to your yard space with these prickly plants is easy. Check out your local nursery for a diverse selection of native cacti.


Native perennial plants make for an easy-to-care-for landscape throughout the seasons. Attract hummingbirds and butterflies with a blooming oasis of native Texas flowers. Give them a try for a low-maintenance garden with healthy spring-to-summer blooms. Augusta Duelberg salvia, a white-flowered plant, and Henry Duelberg salvia, with purple blooms are the perfect plant pairing for a beautiful Texas landscape. This perennial family is also drought tolerant and helps keep watering to a minimum.

You might also consider placing large decorative pots filled with Lord Baltimore hibiscus throughout your yard. It grows easily in containers and attracts wildlife. Use Turk's cap around your garden for some lush green foliage with pops of bright red flowers.


The warm, subtropical climate throughout the majority of Texas creates perfect conditions for growing an edible garden. Watch your outdoor plot thrive by planting some asparagus, artichokes, prickly pear cactus, rhubarb, or strawberries. Keep them on a routine watering and fertilizing schedule for a tasty harvest. To add diversity to your potager, try covered canopies over vegetables and herbs that need more shade or plant garden beds under shaded trees.

From extra bags of gardening soil to lawn mowers, your self storage unit is the perfect arsenal for all things gardening and landscaping. Check out the Security Self Storage blog for more tips on making the most of your self storage unit.