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6 Ways to Declutter Before the New Year


The New Year’s holiday is just around the corner and starting 2020 fresh – with a clean and clear living space, closets, and garage – might seem impossible. But end-of-year sorting is easier than you think. Use Security Self Storage’s helpful tips to strategize decluttering your home. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll enjoy promise of clutter-free living as you hit the new year and the new decade in stride.


The holiday brings loads of gifts and likely more stuff than your kids could possibly use. Now is the time to clear out the toy bins – kids are distracted with their interest in their new playthings. Pack up the toys your child has outgrown or lost a desire for, or those toys that are missing parts. Donate them to a charity thrift store or a local shelter and let your kid’s old toys light up another child’s life.

Your Closets

Closets are probably the easiest thing to declutter on this list by applying the 12-month rule. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing or used a set of linens or bedding in the past year, it’s very likely you won’t wear or use those items again. While leaving them is always an option, they are some of the bulkiest items you own and take up a lot of space. Shelters, Goodwill, and other thrift stores typically take these items as long as they are clean and in good shape.

Pantry Extras

Make more room by spending a little time thinking about the items you use every day versus the things in your pantry that were the result of an impulse buy or a gift from a well-meaning friend. Identify a box or sturdy bag for collecting all the food items you plan to donate to your local food pantry or food bank. Then, once your shelves are clear, organize the remaining foods by meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – or by purpose – spices, sauces, and desserts. Organizing your dry goods ensures you’ll have a good view of what you have, which will make grocery shopping a breeze.

Books, Magazines & Mail

The act of clutter-clearing feels best when you can see your progress. Going through your mail and recycling paper and magazines is a fast way to reveal the surfaces you haven’t seen in months, like shelves, tables, and countertops. Also, making room on your bookshelves frees up space for all those must-have bestsellers coming in the New Year.

Holiday Decorations

You’ve enjoyed your festive decorations long enough. Now it’s time to put them away. Boxing up your ornaments, art, and lights just before the New Year provides an opportunity to sort through and get rid of anything you didn’t use or hang this year. Items like broken ornaments, lights that don’t work anymore, and older gift wrapping materials are perfect candidates to let go. Plus, you’ll have a second chance to appreciate your timesaving effort when the holidays roll around again next year.

As you formulate your declutter strategy, think ahead. There is a terrific payoff for your clutter-clearing commitment – you’ll feel an astounding sense of satisfaction and a readiness to seize new opportunities in the new year.

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