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5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Moving Day


Moving can be a trying experience. It’s not just the heavy lifting. Packing up and shifting the contents of your life from one place to another is challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally. Here are some tips to keep your calm intact during the process.

Make a Plan, and Make It Early

Waiting until the last minute will leave you frazzled and scrambling to pull off a move. If your timeline allows, start the process at least two to three months in advance. The key to success? Create a checklist. You’ll find a plethora of moving checklists online – pick your favorites and brainstorm your own additions. Then, assign each task a deadline. Let’s be honest: Moving is overwhelming. A checklist helps by letting you know what, exactly, you have ahead of you. Count down to move day by tackling tasks each week and experience the oh-so-satisfying feeling of marking a job done.

Make It Official

Whether you send an announcement via email or snail mail, let your loved ones know where they can find you come moving day. You’ll also want to update your information on your bank accounts and for any service that bills you. You can often do this online or by updating the “address change” section on paper bill statement. Filling out a change-of-address form with the United States Postal Service ensures that any mail coming to your old address will be directed to your new address, and the handy USPS Movers Guide (available at your local post office) is a great resource to peruse for checklist inspiration.

Take Stock as You Pack

Pretend that your home is a shop of curios, and it’s inventory time! Make a spreadsheet, handwrite a list, or use your favorite note-taking app to itemize your belongings. If you’re thinking that the inventory is a close friend of the moving checklist, you’re right. Getting things out of your head (and on paper or a Google doc) eases the stress of moving.

Be Smart with Storage

As you inventory and pack, you’ll start to track which items are headed to your storage unit. First, be sure to label all sides of boxes so the contents are visible no matter how the box is placed and stacked. Do you have belongings that you keep permanently in storage? Will you also be temporarily storing items for your move? Consider whether you will need to access anything in your permanent storage collection (seasonal clothing or gear, perhaps) before you start blocking these items with boxes. And before you start any packing, stop by Security Self Storage to get all the boxes, tape, and other supplies you’ll need.

Have Snacks and Refreshments on Hand for the Big Day

Whether you’ve hired professional movers or are enlisting the support of friends, be ready for them. Moving is not just about having a plan and having the boxes packed -- it takes time and energy on moving day. Keep yourself and others fed and hydrated, make arrangements for pets and children to be looked after elsewhere, and have cash on hand if you plan to tip the movers.