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Suitcase with clothes inside and a phone, wallet, hat, sunglasses, and bag on the side.

5 Tips for Efficient Packing for Spring Break


It’s almost spring break and it’s hard to fathom how you’ll fit everything into one suitcase. The outdoor gear, the wide-brim sun hats, all the technology — there’s got to be an easier way! Check out Security Self Storage’s guide to packing efficiently for tips on making this year’s spring break prep work easier than it seems.

1. Pile It All in One Place

After considering what your hotel or Airbnb already has waiting for you – towels, toiletries, hair dryer, iron – pile everything else that you WANT to bring onto your bed. Examples: Clothes, outdoor items (hats, water bottles, sunscreen), shoes, accessories, backpack or fanny pack, medications (aspirin for sure), first aid kit, camera, sunglasses, latest best seller, etc.

2. Choose Your Luggage

If you are someone who doesn’t like to check a bag, choose your favorite carry-on. But remember, you might be bringing back more on the return trip. If you prefer the checked-bag route, go with the monster luggage you’re keeping in storage. But make sure that it falls within the airline’s requirements for size. If you are traveling in a pair or with your family, consider packing two people’s things together (or the kids’ stuff together) in one regular size bag. Depending on the airline you’re taking, baggage fees add up fast! Oh, and don’t forget to follow TSA requirements when packing toiletries. You wouldn’t want to have to toss all that precious cargo.

3. Edit it Down to the Must-Haves

This is the challenging part. Turn WANT into NEED and edit that pile down to half. Shocked? Don’t be. You can do it. And there likely will be laundry options where you are headed, so think more about reuse instead of packing a bunch of different outfits. If you still find yourself with too much stuff, contact your destination and verify what items they’ll have on hand. And really, how many pairs of shoes does one need during spring break? That’s easy – sandals and walking shoes. That’s it!

4. Packing Trends

Let’s face it. Our technology needs for travel have nearly surpassed our need for clothes. Sad but true. Take heed and consider buying an electronics organizer to simplify both your personal and work travel. For packing those clothes, it’s critical to start early. If you wait until the last minute, you’re likely to miss something or overpack. Lay out your items in piles on your bed and then only choose those things that you love wearing. Make sure you bring items that mix and match. For weeklong trips, follow the “54321” rule to keep from overpacking. And a savvy traveler’s trick for toiletries is to never unpack them. Keep them under your bathroom sink in a dopp kit or makeup bag that’s ready to go for your next flight out of town.

5. Consider These Final Tips

  • Keep a copy of your ID on your phone.
  • Condense your technology to only what’s necessary and share.
  • Pack your charge cords in your carry-on bag and stash a juice pack in your backpack or purse.
  • Bring a water-repellent dry bag for water destinations.
  • Put your toiletry bag in the front pocket of your carry-on for easy accessibility.

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