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Couple unpacking boxes in their new home

5 Reasons to Use a Self Storage Unit While Moving


With the new year here, it’s a great time for fresh starts and new beginnings. If yours involves moving into a new home or office or that big remodel you’ve been dreaming of, renting a month-to-month self storage unit from Security Self Storage can make all the difference. Here are five ways a self storage unit is essential for a successful move:

A Space for Your Special Things

Moving can be hard on precious valuables. Any good moving company will guarantee the safety of your most fragile belongings, but with a self storage unit you can take it a step further. By moving your special things into your storage unit, you can get them out of the way ahead of moving day. Once everything else is in place and you know where they’ll go, you can take your time moving these precious items in. Plus, this can help ensure valuables like artwork and jewelry boxes stay out of view of potential thieves.

Store Your Stuff While You Sell Your Home

If you’re in the process of selling your current home, realtors say it’s important to “declutter” so there’s room for potential buyers to see themselves and their possessions adorning corners, walls, and shelves in your home. Clearing out closets also helps them picture their own extra belongings being stored away with plenty of space to spare. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re messy, just that your stuff has the possibility of distracting important visitors from what you really want them to see. Simply moving extra belongings into your self storage unit may be all it takes to seal the deal.

A Spot for Your Stuff While You Search for a New Home

If you’ve already sold your old house but can’t yet move into the new one, having a self storage unit is a necessity. Even if you’re renting a home with a double garage, choosing to store your belongings in a storage unit is invariably a better option. Storage units often provide complimentary moving aids such as dollies and carts. They also usually offer ease of access through truck-level loading areas or covered ground-level storage, so loading and unloading your possessions doesn’t break your back. 

Get a Head Start

Renting a storage unit before your move can help reduce stress. By letting you begin packing and moving early, you can take your time, moving the things you use less often first. This will also free up space in your home to work and help you better assess what is left and whether there are things you might want to part with. With your extra time before moving day, you may even have time for one last yard sale or trip to a donation center, so you can be sure you aren’t moving things you don’t really want into your new home.

Buy Some Time to Plan

By storing your belongings and then slowly moving them into your new space, it’s easier to decide what fits where. Maybe you have a clear idea of where the couch will sit, what lamp will go in which corner, and where the perfect spot for your vintage coffee table is, but when you visit your new home or office, it’s hard to picture every single thing you own. Plus, this will save you from being overwhelmed by a pile of belongings deposited in the middle of the room by your movers. 

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