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Woman cuts ribbon for DIY holiday crafts.

5 DIY Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays


When the weather cools down and the holiday season rolls around, nothing sounds cozier than settling indoors to get crafty. Whatever you’re planning to celebrate this winter, Security Self Storage has some great decor ideas you can DIY in the evenings or on the weekend.

Snowy Votives

All you need are some extra vases or mason jars, candles, and Epsom salt to bring this wintry decor to life. Simply grab a glass vase or jar and pour in salt so it fills about a third of the container. Grab a votive and push it into the salt until it feels secure. The salt will look like snow inside the glass, and once lit, the candles will give off a warm glow. 

Personalized Place Cards

Hosting friends or family for the holidays? The first step is prepping your home to make your guests feel at home. If you clear out the space your friends or family will be staying in, they’ll be more likely to feel settled and less like their stay was an afterthought. Move items into a storage unit with Security Self Storage to give your guests more breathing room. With a clear space, small, personal touches can make your home feel extra welcoming. Consider creating simple calligraphy place cards or Hanukkah-themed ones for dinnertime so everyone feels they have their own special place at the table.

Pine Cone Anything

Pine cone craft ideas are endless, and they’re usually easy and cheap, especially if you have conifers growing in your yard. Whether you want to simply place a bunch of pine cones in a bowl on your coffee table, arrange them into a wreath using an old metal coat hanger, or use them to hold your homemade place cards, you can keep pine cone decor out throughout the entire season to add an extra touch of winter to your home.

Window Decor

Windows provide an awesome stage for the holiday decor you’d like to display. Pine cones hung from thick red or green ribbon give a Christmas-y touch, while these Hanukkah window stars made with vellum allow plenty of light to shine through. Create your own Kwanzaa wreath using ribbon too, or make a banner with your own holiday message with tips from this happy New Year banner how-to.

Barnwood Star

Want a DIY decor piece that will make more of a statement? Try this ribbon star on barnwood project and place it on your mantle or side table! Change the color of the ribbon or the shape to fit the holiday you celebrate and your home, whether you’d rather do a Star of David, a snowflake, or the first initial of your last name. Need a place to store this bulkier holiday piece? Take advantage of your unit at Security Self Storage!

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